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$5 Scribblenauts Rebate September 6, 2013

The long awaited release of Scribblenauts Unmasked has been announced for 9/24/2013. Wise is teaming up with the folks at Scribblenauts to bring you an awesome rebate opportunity to make snacking and gaming a little... more satisfying! When you buy a

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NEW! Trophy Nut Adventures October 30, 2013

Check out these BOLD new peanut flavors from Trophy Nuts!  Available in Honey BBQ Bash, Wasabi Soy Surge, Buffalo Blast, Smokey Bacon Cheddar Smackdown, Tomato Basil Stomp, and Chipotle Tequila Lime Zing.  Which adventure will YOU try fir

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New Flavor from Wise! January 25, 2015

There's a new Ridgie Chip in town and his name is Dill Pickle.


Make the Wise Choice and try it today!

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Gluten Free Pretzels from Snyders! January 5, 2015

In our commitment to promoting healthier living, Snyder's of Hanover is proud to offer Gluten-Free snacks to the millions of people living with celiac disease or following a Gluten-Free lifestyle. Made with the finest premium ingredients, our Gluten-F

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New! Yucatillas January 27, 2015

How do you make a tortilla chip taste even better?  You introduce it to Yuca!


Yucatillas are made witha  blend of yuca & corn flour, creating a light, airy tortilla chip that you can't stop eating.


Yuca, also known as cassa

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Boulder Canyon Reintroduction! March 24, 2015

They're baaaaack, NY!

Check out the latest additions to our snack family from Boulder Canyon:


boulder canyon


Avocado Oil Malt Vinegar & Sea Salt Canyon Cut

Avocado Oil Sea Salt Canyon Cut

Vidalia Onion Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

Coconut Oil Sea S

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Say Cheez & WIN! February 2, 2015

These cool, fun bags are being offered for a limited time.

Wise is giving consumers an opportunity to become

“Fan of the Week” and to win free product!


See the Official Wise Facebook page for more info!

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New Flavors from Cape Cod January 9, 2014

Available now are four new flavors from Cape Cod Potato Chips!


new flavors from cape cod


Back Bay Crab Seasoning and Asiago Cheese & Italian Herb are a limited time item.


New to the regular rotation are Reduced Fat Aged White Cheddar & Sour Cream

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SNYDERS Sweet and Salty January 10, 2014

NEW from Snyders of Hanover - Sweet and Salty!


Featuring two different flavors of pretzel pieces:

Salted Caramel

Cinnamon Sugar


Available for delivery starting January 20, 2014


Won't you give them a try?

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Wise Tortolines January 22, 2014

New from Wise!


Tortolines are born from the tropical lands of Ecuador, where the best plantains are grown.


Our delicious plantains are carefully harvested and selected to offer a completely natural, crisp chip, free of preservatives.


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