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Cheez Doodles Are Heating Up September 6, 2016

Okay Cheez Doodle fans...prepare your tastebuds:


We have made Cheez Doodles, even Cheezier and added a kick of habanero - try the newest flavors of Cheez Doodles: Extreme and Queso Habanero - now available! 




hot doodles

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New Food Truck Flavors! December 28, 2016

Two new flavors to add to the Wise Food Truck party:


Korean Barbeque and Grilled Cheeseburger!


food truck


Korean Barbeque was inspired by “Korilla BBQ” in NYC

Grilled Cheeseburger was inspired by “The Loaded Burger&r

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New INFUSED FLAVORS from Cape Cod March 10, 2017

Coming soon from Cape Cod:




Infused Fresh Mediterranean


medit inf




Infused Fresh Jalapeño

jala inf
Each and every Cape Cod Infused potato chip is spritzed with naturally flavored infused oil. These
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Free Samples at Citifield! May 9, 2017

Peppy the Owl is back at Citifield for some FREE SAMPLE giveaways this season!


peppy logo



If you're going to any of these Mets games, make sure you find our tent on the Rotunda by the LIRR entrance to #SnagYourSnack on your way into the gam

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New Cape Cod Flavors August 14, 2017

New Limited Batch flavors from Cape Cod:


New England Bisque and Honey & Dijon Mustard


Available the beginning of September


Try them both and let us know which one you like better!

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Wise Tailgate Classics August 25, 2017

New from Wise Foods:


Tailgate Classics!




Introducing the new Tailgate Classics from Ridgies! This limited-edition flavor will definitely get the party going and make for an unforgettable tailgate experience wit

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Cape Cod Russet November 7, 2017

DELICIOUS NEWS: Cape Cod Russet chips are baaaack.


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NEW! Wise Red Hot Chips February 27, 2018

For those that need a real kickoff flavor… new Wise Red Hot chips deliver a combo of hot and zesty spices that release
a fiery kick that will keep you seeking more

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NEW! Cape Cod Waves February 1, 2018

Cape Cod is making big waves with three new types of wavy cut chips! Hand-selected, fresh potatoes that are sliced in a wavy cut and then kettle cooked to deliver a ridged chip that is extra crunchy and full of flavor.


Available now in Sea Sal

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Wise Potato Chip Refresh April 21, 2015


An important message for all of our Distributors:


Please find below a new video that Wise Marketing has prepared to explain the reasons for some of the upcoming packaging changes that will appear in our market shortly.


While call

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