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NEW! Wise Sweet Heat BBQ Ridgies July 30, 2018
GET SPICY Y'ALL!   Wise Southern Sweet Heat BBQ Chips are sure to get your attention!  We started with a mouth watering, sweet BBQ base, and added a little extra heat to make our zestiest bbq yet!   These unique ridged potato chips make
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Jalapeno Cheese Curls December 7, 2018
Dali Fresh Jalapeno Cheese Curls are designed to give you that mouthwatering taste that keeps you coming back for more.  They are baked with the finest ingredients and real Cheddar Cheese.  Perfectly seasoned with a hint of jalapeno that ma
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Wise Fiery Limon Crunchy Cheez Doodles October 20, 2014
There's a new head doodle in town and his name is Fiery Limon!   Turn up the heat and satisfy your tastebuds with new Wise FIERY LIMON Crunchy Cheez Doodles!   A complementary blend of habanero and citrus pack a might fiery punch for these l
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Kettle Corn January 10, 2015
Available immediately, our own Kettle Corn now comes in a larger 5oz size. At a retail value of $2, it's a real steal!   Grab some for your next movie night.
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Back By Popular Demand March 3, 2014
Back by popular demand....Tom's Bugles!   In Original and Nacho flavors, check for them on a strip clip near you!
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Wise Grab & Snack 24 Count Variety Snack Pack July 23, 2014
Wise has a new 24 Count Variety Pack in NY stores this week! The new "Grab & Snack" Flavor Mix has six of our most popular items.     This hot new item contains: 5 Nacho Bravos 5 Honey BBQ Cheez Doodles 5 White Cheddar Popcorn 5 BBQ Dip
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Snyders Sweet & Salty September 24, 2014
Meet the new Delicious Duo! With sweet tastes of cinnamon and sugar or caramel with a hint of salty, new Sweet and Salty Pretzel Pieces provide a bold combination of flavors that are irresistible!  Now available in $.99 packs!
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Wise Kettle Chips June 15, 2015
Did you know our delicious Wise Kettle Cooked chips come in a LARGER bag?       Our Original Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are seasoned just right for the hearty crunch you crave.    Wise Cracked Pepper Kettle-Cooked chips deli
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Wise Jalapeno Cheddar Poppers June 30, 2015
New Item Alert NY Snack fans!   Wise Jalapeno Cheddar Poppers are now available in a large $3.49 retail bag. Zesty Jalapeno. Tasty Cheddar. Poppable fun.  In a shareable size! What more could you ask for in a tasty snack?  
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