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Glenny's Gluten Free Brownies December 5, 2014

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, All Natural Brownies


Mmm, brownies. Decadent, rich, delicious calorie bombs.

Glenny's wanted to create brownies that would be as tender, as moist, and as delightfully chocolaty as those calorie bombs, without the “bomb” part and without being nutritional voids, as most brownies are. These treats are always fresh, never frozen, so they come straight from our ovens to your doorstep.

Dieters swear by them! Chocoholics love them! Go on, have one… with no artificial ingredients, no sugar alcohols our brownies make a perfect treat, dessert or snack... anytime!



Time to enjoy the great taste of Glenny's Gluten Free, All Natural and Dairy Free Brownie... with just 140 "Taste Filled" calories.

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