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Women's Choice Award January 10, 2020
The Women's Choice Award empowers women and families.   Their mission is to give women a collective voice so that they can help each other identify brands, products and services that deserve her loyalty and referrals. They are a trusted refer
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Unique Pretzels December 4, 2019
The lastest addition to our snack line up is Unique Pretzels!   Unique Pretzel Bakery has been baking one of the best-kept secrets in the snack food industry since the late 1800’s. Through six generations, Unique has stayed true to the ori
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Trophy Select Line September 12, 2019
New from Trophy Nuts are 8 new resealable snack pouches:   Dark Chocolate Cranberry Trail Mix Hot & Spicy Crunch Nutties Swiss Trail Mix Honey BBQ Snack Mix Sea Salt Whole Cashews Honey Cashews Tropical Trail Mix Cashew Cranberry Almond Mix
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Humpty Dumpty August 16, 2019
  There's a new snack in town, New York! Humpty Dumpty Chips make flavor an explosive experience by using only the highest quality potatoes and the most intensely flavored seasonings for the best tasting chip around! Dig in and experience
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Wise Variety Snack Sacks June 11, 2019
New from Wise coming later this month - 22 Count Variety Pack Snack Sacks!   With the Classic and Flavor Mixes you already love, a new Cheesy Mix is joining the team!   Look for it in a store near you.
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Southern Recipe Small Batch May 14, 2019
small batch. big taste. for us, there’s only one way to go:  forward. We're starting a snacking revolution and we're calling upon the snackers who won't stand for tiny, three-bite packs any longer. Southern Recipe Small Batch is
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Deep River Snacks February 19, 2019
We are happy to announce that the latest addition to our snack line is Deep River Snacks!   Their Mission:  Elevate snacking enjoyment through unwavering commitment to: Simpler, Better Ingredients Disciplined Business Practices Making a Di
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Carolina Country December 3, 2018
The latest addition to our snack family... Carolina Country Popcorn Cracklins!   Carolina Country Snacks cooks their pork rinds and skins daily, using only the best pork skins cut according to the product specifications. Traditional pork rinds a
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Mets Cheez Balls are back! March 12, 2018
Mets Cheez Balls are baaaaaack, NY! Which one is your favorite? Extreme Spicy Fastballs, Bacon Cheddar Sliders, or White Cheddar Changeups?
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Citifield Giveaways May 8, 2018
Hey New York Mets fans! Have you gotten a chance to see Peppy The Owl at Citifield for your FREE SAMPLE of Wise Snacks yet?? Peppy will be at the games below with more samples, so make sure you find us to snag your snack!     Peppy and the
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